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Pine Cabin (#5)

Pine cabin as viewed from Oak Cabin

Pine, AKA "The Honeymoon Cabin" is closest to the lake and is our smallest cabin. Click picture to zoom in.

Pine Cabin from NW

Located on the beautiful grounds of Nystrom's Resort.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-502 (Large)

Pine Cabin, AKA "The Honeymoon Cabin" is just right for a couple or a small family.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-505 (Large)

Pine Cabin is our closest cabin to the lake.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-512 (Large)

The deck boasts great views of Big Chetac Lake.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-514 (Large)

The path down to the dock is right outside your door.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-519 (Large)

Dining area with a great view of Big Chetac Lake. Enjoy the lake view at every meal.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-517 (Large)

The entryway has a place to hang your jacket.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-521 (Large)

The entry area has a place to put all your fishing stuff.

View on entry into LR

The couch folds down to make a comfortable full-size bed.

LR from NW

The view into the living room from the dining area.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-580 (Large)

Some more views of the living room . . .

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-525 (Large)

Yes, that chair reclines.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-576 (Large)

The vaulted ceiling and walls are all solid pine paneling.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-570 (Large)

The large windows give you great views of Big Chetac Lake.


Beyond the living room is the "One Bun Kitchen," though some guests claim two can work in it at once.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-582 (Large)

The kitchen has everything you need.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-530 (Large)

Want to bake on vacation? The gas range is ready.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-528 (Large)

Don't want to cook? The microwave is also ready.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-535 (Large)

Just off the kitchen are the bathroom and bedroom.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-544 (Large)

You see the twin bed first . . .

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-558 (Large)

And then the queen size bed.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-555 (Large)

The lofted ceiling adds to the spacious feeling of this bedroom.

N end of bathroom

In the bathroom, you have lots of shelves for all your toiletries.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-537 (Large)
15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-540 (Large)
View from Pine Cabin

Pine Cabin boasts great views of Big Chetac Lake.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-511 (Large)

Pine Cabin also has the best fire ring location at the resort.

15902-W-ol-hayes-rd-unit-509 (Large)

Pull up some chairs and enjoy!

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