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The story of Nystrom's Resort began in 1942 when Swedish immigrant and logging entrepreneur Eric Johan "John" Halberg had a vision for a family retreat on Big Chetac Lake. Family and friends told him his $300 was wasted on that land on the lake. "You could never grow anything on that sandy soil," they said. But he had a vision. 


Alice Nystrom was the only one of his nine children interested in the place, so he left it to her when he passed in 1949. By the Mid-1950s, Alice had completed five cabins and began renting them. Throughout the late 50's, 60's and 70's, Nystrom's Resort became the annual family vacation spot for many families. 


When Alice passed in 1987, Alice's only child, Jack, and his wife, Marilyn, took over. They spent the next 28 years renovating the cabins one room at a time. Beginning with the 2008 season, they needed to curtail the number of guests they could serve each summer. Before Jack passed in September 2015, he insisted on completing the remaining projects. Beginning with the summer of 2016, Nystrom's Resort is again welcoming new and former guests to enjoy a northwoods vacation with us.


In September 2021, Marilyn also passed away. John Nystrom and his wife, Bonnie, are now  fourth generation owner-managers of the resort and eager to help you enjoy a great northwoods vacation. 

John Halberg's vision has been realized: We love gatherings here with our extended family. Lucky for you, we also rent our cabins to guests. Come and enjoy this quiet, beautiful place with us and find out why so many of our guests return year after year. 


When you come to see us, you'll see this sign at our entrance. The sawmill blade shape is a nod to our family's logging heritage. And the eagle catching the fish? Many of our visitors are here for the fishing, but a lot of them just come to enjoy nature. Bald eagles are abundant on Big Lake Chetac. Maybe you'll see one catch a fish! 

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